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Focus Belek Mini Yacht

Address : Focus Yacht Rental Duration : Price Includes: Private Yacht Charter Fee, Crew onboard, Lunch, Unlimited soft drinks, Fruits, Fuel, Transfer (depending on the location


  • All-Inclusive Yacht Charter: Everything You Need, One Simple Price!
  • Enjoy a worry-free yacht experience with us at  Our straightforward, all-inclusive package covers everything you need for an amazing day on the water.
  • Price Includes:
  • Private Yacht Charter Fee: Your yacht, your space – exclusive and private.
  • Crew Onboard: Our friendly crew is there to make your day enjoyable and safe.
  • Lunch: A delicious meal served on board for a satisfying feast.
  • Unlimited Soft Drinks: Stay refreshed with all the soft drinks you desire.
  • Fruits: Enjoy a variety of fresh, seasonal fruits during your cruise.
  • Fuel: No hidden costs – your journey is covered.
  • Transfer (Depending on the Location): Easy transportation to and from the yacht.
  • Charter Information: Your Time, Your Way!
  • Embark on your yacht adventure with flexibility! At  we offer charter options that cater to your schedule.
  • Charter Durations:
  • Minimum 4 Hours Charter: Perfect for a quick getaway or a delightful day on the water.
  • Maximum 8 Hours Charter: Extend your maritime experience for a full day of relaxation and exploration.
  • Great! You’ve also provided details about the yacht’s routes for the morning and evening tours. Here’s a summary:
  • Port: Antalya
  • Routes:
  • Morning Tour:
    • Starting Point: The Duden Waterfall
    • Destination: The Turtle Island
  • Evening Tour:
    • Starting Point: The Turtle Island
    • Destination: The Bay of Küçük Çaltıcak
  • These routes offer a diverse experience, featuring natural wonders like the Duden Waterfall and the Turtle Island. The Bay of Küçük Çaltıcak provides a picturesque setting for the evening tour. If you have any more specific questions or if there’s anything else you’d like to add, feel free to let me know!
  • Your provided itinerary for the boat tour in Antalya sounds fantastic, offering a full-day journey through various scenic spots and activities. Here’s a breakdown of the itinerary and additional information:


    • 09:00: Start with fruity delights.
    • Duden Waterfall: Sail to Duden Waterfall, capture memories, and explore cave wonders.
    • Swimming Break: Enjoy a refreshing swimming break beneath the Antalya sun.
    • Turtle Island: Experience the blend of nature and fun.
    • Kargicak Bay: 2 hours of relaxation.
    • Çalticak Bay: Conclude with swimming and serenity.
    • 18:00: Return as the sun bids goodbye.

    Gastronomy on Board:

    • Grilled Chicken & Fish.
    • Fresh Meatballs.
    • Assorted Appetizers & Salad.
    • Soft Drinks and sweet Fruits finale.


    • Transfers from key Antalya locations for a hassle-free and convenient experience.


    • Explore Antalya yacht charter rates on and enjoy exclusive online discounts.

    Exclusive Offers:

    • Tailored experiences, including Antalya private boat tours and Antalya yacht charter for personalized adventures.

    The inclusion of a rich menu, transfers, and exclusive offers adds to the overall appeal of the boat tour. If there’s anything specific you’d like assistance with or if you have further details to share, feel free to let me know!


Focus Yacht Rental
Departure point

Fettahlı, Aksu kundu cayı, Aksu çayı, Aksu/Antalya, Türkiye

Departure Time
09:00 23:00
Tour Type
Price Includes: Private Yacht Charter Fee, Crew onboard, Lunch, Unlimited soft drinks, Fruits, Fuel, Transfer (depending on the location
Max People
8 peoples
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Can book today
Contact Information

Tour guide: Focus Alanya Yacht

Mobile: +905313348707



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