Private Yacht Charter Antalya


The popular boat types for yacht charter in Antalya include:

  1. Gulet
  2. Özel Yapım (Custom Made)
  3. Motoryat (Motor Yacht)
  4. Ketch
  5. Princess
  6. Azimut
  7. Bavaria
  8. Ferretti Yachts

Popular yacht models in Antalya include:

  1. Gulet
  2. Custom Made
  3. Motoryat (Motor Yacht)
  4. Ketch
  5. Princess 50
  6. Azimut 98 Leonardo
  7. Bavaria 61
  8. Ferretti Yachts 550
  9. Princess 56
  10. Motor Yacht

Dining options on board a yacht in Antalya typically include the choice to either purchase food supplies independently or have the boat owner/crew acquire supplies. If there’s a crew onboard, they usually handle the cooking.

The average number of cabins on a yacht in Antalya is 3, with options available for larger groups with up to 10 cabins.

The average sleeping capacity on a yacht in Antalya ranges from 2 to 20 persons, with an average capacity of 6.1 persons.

The average cruising capacity on a yacht in Antalya ranges from 2 to 100 persons, with an average capacity of 20.22 persons.

Yachts can be chartered as bareboat or skippered in Antalya. There are 1 yacht available for bareboat charter and 147 yachts available for skippered charter in Antalya.

For crewed charter, there are 138 yachts available in Antalya.

Popular amenities onboard in Antalya include life jackets, first aid kits, fire extinguishers, kitchen equipment, compasses, holding tanks, GPS systems, VHF radios, and deck showers.

The cost of hiring a skipper in Antalya averages around ₺3,965 per day, though prices can vary depending on the destination and the boat’s owner.

It sounds like Antalya Yacht Rentals offers a fantastic opportunity to explore the stunning coastline and picturesque regions of Antalya through private yacht tours and charters. Here’s a breakdown of the process for renting a yacht with Antalya Yacht Rentals:

  1. Find the Ideal Yacht: Antalya Yacht Rentals provides a wide selection of yachts catering to various preferences and needs. Customers can choose from luxurious options to smaller, cozier yachts based on their preferences and requirements. Whether you’re looking for extra space or specific equipment, there’s a yacht available to match your expectations.

  2. Reach Out to Discuss Details: After selecting the desired yacht for your trip, customers can reach out to Antalya Yacht Rentals to discuss the details of their yacht tour. This step ensures that all aspects of the trip are tailored to meet the customer’s expectations and preferences. Whether it’s about itinerary customization, onboard amenities, or any other specific requirements, the experienced team at Antalya Yacht Rentals is there to assist.

  3. Complete the Booking and Enjoy: Once all the details have been finalized and the customer is satisfied with their yacht choice and trip arrangements, they can proceed to complete the booking. After booking confirmation, customers can look forward to enjoying their yacht tour in Antalya, where they’ll embark on a captivating journey along the beautiful coastline, soaking in the scenic views and experiencing an unforgettable adventure.

Overall, Antalya Yacht Rentals aims to provide customers with a seamless and unforgettable yacht charter experience in Antalya, ensuring that every aspect of the trip is meticulously planned and executed to exceed expectations.